Q : Should I get the vaccinations done before the move?

Yes! it is very critical that you get all the necessary vaccinations done from your Vet before the move. If required insist on a health certificate that would confirm your pet child is healthy for a travel.

Q : Should I sedate my pet before the move?

Unless advised by your Vet please do not sedate your pet. Sedation makes the breathing difficult and hence it is not advisable. Certain airlines would also refuse to transport a sedated pet. Please speak to your Vet for more information

Q : What are the conditions of the Pet Cargo?

Pet Travel Pvt. Ltd. works with only pet friendly airlines. Thus, we ensure that all conditions that your pet goes through are climate controlled. Your pet is held in a designated area in the cabin where there is no human disturbance and any smell to tease him.

Q : Can we feed our pet during the flight?

It is best advisable never to feed your pet during the flight as it may lead to dirtying and making your pet unconformable. Pre-flight please make sure you feed your pet atleast 4 hours prior.

Q : Can my Pet drink during the flight?

Yes, it is highly recommended that your pet drinks during the transit. Remember to fit a water bottle in your pets kennel.

Q : Are the Pet Relocation charges Tax Deductable?

Yes, depending on country-to-country these charges may be Tax Deductable. These charges are usually covered under “Moving Expenses”. Please speak to your tax advisor for better guidance on this.

Q : What should you pack for your Pet?

We usually cover almost everything for pet child including comfy beds, toys , bottled water, tagging etc.

Q : Which airlines do you work with?

We work with all airlines in the world. This helps us in constantly updating information regarding regulations, conditions and flight costs etc.

Q : Is it advisable to buy a seat for my Pet?

No airlines currently offer seats for your Pet.